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What is Prepare Enrich and why should I add another training to my education?

With almost 40 years of research validation, Prepare Enrich has proven itself to be the most trusted, comprehensive relationship assessment for couples at any stage of life.

The assessment has been proven to increase relationship skills and satisfaction.* 

Over 4 million couples have taken the Prepare Enrich assessment. There are over 125,000 Certified Facilitators from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions – from pastors to therapists to social workers to marriage mentors.

What does it assess?

• The couple’s alignment on core areas such as communication and conflict
resolution, as well as topics customized to their relationship phase and context
• The impact of family of origin experiences on each partner’s perception of the couple relationship
• Positive/negative feedback cycles affecting the relationship
• Which relationship areas to focus on and which to build upon
• Stress level of each partner
• Key personality similarities and differences

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As a Prepare Enrich Trainer, I can help you become a Certified Facilitator of the most trusted relationship assessment, so you can start showing couples the work that is crucial for growth within their relationship.

Because your couples deserve a method that’s proven, and you deserve an assessment that lives up to your standards.

As a thank you for attending my training, I send out an updated and extensive list of resources that I use with my premarital couples and any other helpful gathered from workshops with other trainees. 

*(Larson, J.H., Vatter, R.S., Galbraith, R.C., Holman, T.B. & Stahmann, R.F. (2007), Knutson, L. & Olson, D.H. (2003), Worthington, E.L., McCullough, M.E., Shortz, J.L., Mindes, E.J., Sandage, S.J. & Chartrand, J.M. (1995))

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will we cover in this training?

With the Prepare Enrich Facilitator Training, we’ll explore the following aspects of healthy relationships:

  • Communication 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Partner Style & Habits
  • Financial Management 
  • Leisure Activities 
  • Sexual Expectations 
  • Family & Friends
  • Relationship Roles 
  • Spiritual Beliefs 

We’ll cover:

  • How to use the facilitator portal
  • Setting up couples for the assessment
  • Walking the couple through their results
  • Using the couple workbook to your advantage 
  • Videos of how to work with your couples and their specific concerns
  • How to work market your services to couples
  • Educating your couples and how to guide them to healthy communication
What is the investment?

 The training investment is $220. It is a virtual live training and done in small groups with not more than 10 people. The training includes: a resource kit delivered to your door (plus shipping costs), a presentation including videos and visual graphics that will last up to 6 hours, a few marketing tips and collaboration with fellow professionals throughout the training. Payment will be processed via PayPal through the Calendly link here.  

Are there any bonuses?

A few bonuses:

  • I share a few tips and tricks from Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • I send a list of every single resource I use with my couples
  • Q & A at the end for any of your questions or concerns
What is included in the training materials?

You’ll also receive a Resource Kit that includes: a Manual for Certified Facilitators, Sample Facilitator & Couple Reports, Workbook for Couples (standard version), Facilitator Feedback Guide and Assessment Version Chart. (must pre-register to receive this on time) This is an $80 value included in the price of the training. The kit is shipped right to your door. 

What about CEUs?
Do I need to live in Georgia to train with you?

No! The best thing to come out of the pandemic was virtual training. We can meet virtually via Google Meet wherever you are to make sure you are trained to help your couples succeed in their relationships. 

Do I need to be a licensed therapist to train with you?

Nope! The great thing about Prepare Enrich is you can be a student, member of clergy, therapist, coach, or anyone in the helping field. 

May I pump or breastfeed during the virtual training?

Yes! Just send me a private message when you’re turning your camera off and when you’re back so that I can know you’re still active in the training. 

Upcoming Workshops

  • I typically host trainings twice a year. Once in the Spring and one in the early Fall closer to licensure renewal timeframe. Feel free to check back on this page for upcoming events and trainings.
  • Interested in a one-on-one training and just can’t wait until the next training? Contact me and we can set up a day and time that works with both of our schedules. 

  • Next workshop: 2/10/2024 9am – 3pm
  • Registration Link Here

  • If you don’t see a link available, please email me to secure your spot: rachel@sagecounselingtherapyandwellness.com

Click this link below to select the date of the workshop above and

purchase the Prepare Enrich Facilitator Training for $220.


“Rachel was the perfect trainer for me. She was well organized, yet friendly and flexible as she tailored the learning to my needs. She communicated clearly so it was easy to understand the directions. I highly recommend Rachel as a trainer for Prepare/Enrich.” 

Benita A. Esposito, MA, LPC, LCMHC

“Rachel’s Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Training was wonderful. As a new pastor, I do not have as much training in counseling couples as I would like. Prepare/Enrich provides an excellent framework for supporting couples in their growth and marriage preparation. Rachel’s facilitator training not only provided important insights into the Prepare/Enrich process but she shared excellent wisdom for the premarital counseling process as a whole. She is a gifted and engaging clinician and I would highly recommend her training to any and all who are interested!” 

Jad Taylor, Pastor

“I have attended many trainings, but this workshop with Rachel was the best training event hands down. Rachel was very friendly, engaging, and very knowledgeable about the material presented.”

Jacqueline Roberts, APC

“Loved the graphics used to help understand concepts, especially when training through Zoom.” 

Megan Barfield, MS LMFT

“Rachel was a very engaging Prepare Enrich training facilitator. She is personable and well spoken. I would gladly take any trainings she offers in the future.”

Alexis Johns, APC

“I loved the energy and wealth of information she brought to the training.”


“Rachel was thorough and quite informative while she facilitated the Prepare/Enrich training. She was always happy to answer questions and eager to provide a variety of relevant and professional resources.”

Melissa Cammack, LPC

“The training was well orchestrated by Rachel from beginning to end; registration, execution and follow-up. I appreciate Rachel’s in depth knowledge of the subject matter as well as her ability to share her own insights and experiences. This greatly enhanced my understanding of the material.”

Pamela Landreth, LPC NCC

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