What I’m Using to Run My Therapy Business

Have you been curious as to how I run my business successfully as a therapist in private practice?

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I’ve had so many people ask me about:

  • How to run their own businesses
  • Therapy tools to use
  • My reviews of different scheduling platforms
  • The best website hosting site
  • How to make graphics for advertising
  • Which directories are best
  • How to have passive income as a therapist

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Tools to run a therapy business—Rachel Dorneanu Counseling
How to use flodesk for your therapy business

I’ve tried a few different email subscription programs before and Flodesk is fantastic. Extremely user-friendly with drag and drop features. Beautiful email templates from big names in the marketing game. Easy to set-up workflows and opt-in forms. 

The easiest Electronic Health Record system I’ve ever used both as a client and on the therapist end as well. Setting up the credit card processor and online paperwork is a breeze. Bonus, if you use the link here, we below get $100. It’s win-win. 

How to use Trello in your therapy business

This is my happy place. I use Trello for all my big ideas, projects and checklists. You can share boards with other team members. Everything is organized in one wonderful place. 

how to use The Skimm in your therapy business

Have trouble keeping up with the news and processing it all? Get a free newsletter in your email each morning that breaks down the top stories. The writing is super easy to read and understand. Save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing what’s going on in the world. 

How to use Canva in your therapy business

Whether you use the free or pro version, this is GOLD! Create social media visuals, presentations and business cards just to name a few. My favorite part of the pro feature is the ability to re-size your creations with a few clicks. 

mile iq for therapists rachel dorneanu

MILE IQ is a great app to help keep track of your mileage, especially when you work from home and run work errands. You can have a free trial for up to 40 rides or set up a subscription monthly or annually. Trust me, the time it takes to hand calculate each trip I made last year is exhausting. I’d much rather have an app keep track of it all for me. 

How to use an anti-anxiety notebook in your therapy business

The Anti Anxiety Notebook that saved me during the pandemic! Easy to use prompts that walk you through CBT techniques like identifying your thinking patterns and how intense your feelings are at the moment. 

how to use psychology today in your therapy business

The top therapist directory, and for good reason. Easy to use account features like adding a video intro to your profile, show off your office space, and even hold sessions through the platform. Email me for a 6 months free listing at rachel@rachelbutlercounseling.com

How to use therapy den in your therapy business

For the therapist on a budget. This is a free profile that allows you to show potential clients the REAL you and what you stand for. Highlight your advocacy efforts and convince your clients why you’re the best for them. 

dagne dover savings for therapists

Dagne Dover is the brand I trust to protect my electronics and belongings. Whether I’m going for a walk and talk session outdoors or taking a flight, I know my things are protected. I have both the backpack and the diaper bag. There are so many compartments, cushioned sections for electronics and laptops, and not to mention it’s so chic. Super easy to clean too. Grab $20 off your first order below. 

How to use open path in your therapy business

Wanting to give back to your community as a therapist? Open Path Collective is a therapist directory that helps connect clients that need a sliding scale with therapists that have a few spots available in their caseload. Use my referral link to get started. 

How to use berrycast in your therapy business

For screen recording with audio, camera, and your screen. Show or explain a concept to clients, record it, and let them use the video as a reminder later on. This can also be great to use for recording workshops or trainings for your staff. Use my code “RBC20” for 20% your purchase. 

rakuten savings for therapists rachel dorneanu
oathaus for therapists rachel dorneanu
bruster's for therapists rachel dorneanu

Constantly looking for coupons while online shopping? I use the Rakuten plug-in when I shop. It automatically looks for coupons for me and always comes up with the best one to save me the most money. It’s a big time and money saver. Check it out! 


Always hungry during sessions? Check out this granola butter with dessert-like flavors that keep me full during long session days. My favorites so far are vanilla and pumpkin spice. 

My favorite place for a sweet treat and constantly rotating flavors. The dairy free Oreo frozen treat made with coconut milk is so yummy! Sign up for a profile with my link below and get a $3 reward just for joining.

How to use calendly for your therapy business

Looking for a way to schedule clients, consultations, networking calls and every meeting in between? I use this to connect my calendars, gather information from potential clients, and share important information all in one place.

Did I miss any tools or resources to run my business?

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