Consulting for new therapists in Atlanta

1:1 Consulting for New Therapists

So you’re a recent graduate…you received your diploma and accepted a job in private practice as a therapist… now what? Read on to learn about consulting for new therapists!

You may be saying to yourself:

-How am I supposed to get clients?

-Why didn’t they teach us about business and marketing in my grad program?

-Do I really need a website?

-I feel like such an imposter

I’m here to help you navigate this new chapter in your career.

I’ll help you:

  • Navigate social media
  • Start marketing on your own
  • Dissect business registration and accounts
  • Set-up Telemental health tools
  • Follow certain accounts for inspiration
  • And More!

To give back to recent graduates and those still living on grad school budgets, this consultation is only $100 for a one hour video call with me via Zoom.

I want to help YOU start off your private practice journey right.

1:1 Consulting for New Therapists in Atlanta
Talk to a therapist about becoming a therapist in Georgia

How to get started:

  • First, set up an appointment
  • Second, brainstorm any questions you have for me and write them down. This call will go quick!
  • If you’d like for me to look over your specific profiles or business ideas, we can discuss further video calls.

For a 1 hour consultation video call ($100.00) Click here

For a 30 minute consultation video call ($50.00)

Click here


Rachel turned out to be a critical resource for me as a young therapist working in private practice for the first time. I had no idea where to start and I was oblivious to the business-related knowledge that private practice requires. In just a short time, Rachel offered me more resources, tips, secrets and hacks than I could have hoped for. She obviously knew exactly what I was dealing with and that made me feel such relief. I owe it to my clients to be part of a well-organized business, and Rachel helped me get there.

Laura A., MSW

 Rachel Butler is a compassionate and knowledgeable counselor. She has helped me get on my feet as a recent Master’s graduate and she knows how to market yourself both online and in-person. If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with the idea of where to get starting in building your own caseload, reach out to Rachel!

Parisa P., MA

Rachel turned out to be a God-send, she was very professional and detailed. Coming from a completely different country I was clueless and had no idea where to start from. But Rachel patiently helped me navigate the process and provided me with links, resources and recommendations.
She has such a friendly and vibrant personality, which made the whole conversation seamless. Thank you so much Rachel.

Sarah O., MA

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