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Online therapy in Atlanta


Online Therapy. It’s the new trend in the therapy world. Is it as good as in-person therapy?

Before you try an online session, explore below a few reasons why online therapy is worth it:

  • You can use your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device to have your session. We all carry one of these devices on us, why not use it to talk to your therapist.
  • You can have your session at home, at the office, in your car (while not driving of course!), or anywhere you feel most comfortable. The possibilities are endless.
  • Speaking of cars, you don’t have to sit in traffic to drive to your therapist’s office, have your session, then sit in traffic to get home. You’ll already be at home and had a chance to unwind from your day.
  • My favorite reason to check out online therapy is that you can be in your favorite spot in your home, curled up with a blanket, a nice cup of tea and maybe even your pet next to you for emotional support. 

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