Meet the Sage Counseling and Wellness Team!

lauren calder virtual assistant sage counseling and wellness

Lauren Calder

Virtual Assistant and Intern Supervisor

As a Virtual Assistant/Intern Supervisor I get to create monthly newsletters along with assisting Rachel in managing interns and the weekly to-dos!

In this role I have the privilege to collaborate with the team and bring exciting things to SCW! 

My favorite thing to do for self care is to sit on my porch and read a good book!

jordan kadish blog editor sage counseling and wellness

Jordan Kadish

Blog Post Editor 

As the blog post editor, I use content strategy to create and plan ideas for blog posts, edit all intern-written blog posts, write 2 blog posts of my own per month, and post all blog content to the website with careful attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When practicing self-care, I love to take long walks in nature while listening to music. It always helps me reset my headspace and feel more calm/grounded!

kelly hennessy social media manager sage counseling and wellness

Kelly Hennessy

Social Media Manager

My tasks are to create and publish content on all five of the brand social media platforms. I grow the brand’s audience and engage daily with the community! I also report on the social media and website analytics to help the company improve its rankings on search engines.

My favorite self-care activity is taking a bubble bath!

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