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Community Partners

Below is a list of some of my preferred community partners that I refer clients to. 

I have worked with each of these individuals or companies and they have my full trust and support. 

The list of community partners range from health and wellness professionals, to mental health professionals, parent coaches, and even wedding planners.

Check them all out below!

Am I missing someone important? Let me know here!

Financial Coach

Financial Coach Atlanta Meagan Landress


Fitness Facility
  • Clarity Fitness
    • 1 West Court Square, Suite 100, Decatur GA 30030
    • *Virtual Personal Training and Exercise Classes Available!
    • Phone: 216-245-3965
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Social Media: @ClarityDecatur

 Decatur Fitness ClarityDecatur Gym Clarity FitnessDecatur Fitness Clarity Gym

Higher Level of Mental Health Care
Psychiatrist/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Therapists With Different Specialties

Sex Therapist Atlanta Samantha Heuwagen

EMDR Therapist Atlanta Kalpana Murthy

Perfectionism Therapist Atlanta Bianca Hughes

Thanks for checking out my list of community partners!

Do you think I’m missing a community partner on this list?

I love to make new connections and learn from other providers. 

Are you a provider wanting to connect with me? Grab my referral source handout below. 

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