Boundaries and People Pleasing

Therapy can help you to be more assertive.

Maybe you’ve had a tough time lately in your personal life and you want to stand up for yourself or learn when  to say no.

You want to set boundaries and actually stick to them without people pleasing and giving in.

Or maybe you want to find that balance between assertive and aggressive or assertive and passive.

You can do all of these things through setting boundaries and using assertive communication! 

I’ve helped many individuals become more assertive in their lives. 

Want to make an appointment with a therapist to help you set boundaries?

Are you having trouble setting boundaries or being assertive with:

  • Your family?
  • Toxic friendships?
  • Relationships?
  • Your work life?
  • Your social calendar?
  • Pursuing your dreams?
  • Your verbal and nonverbal behavior?
  • Confrontation?
  • Saying no without guilt?

If you don’t feel confident in the above topics, assertiveness training may be a great fit for you! 

After working together, you’ll be able to:

  • gain better awareness of your concerns in each aspect of your life
  • be kind to yourself, know what you want and take better care of you
  • feel less imposter syndrome
  • notice less people pleasing
  • better understand how and when to set boundaries that work for you
  • stop settling and feel confident in your own skin, going after what you want, even if it scares you a bit
  • respect and honor other people’s boundaries and their realities
  • present yourself confidently in your personal and professional life
  • express your ideas in a calm and articulate way
  • understand the difference between being passive, passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive

Therapy can help you feel more calm, more confident, and be more assertive.
How does therapy make you more assertive and confident

What can happen if we don’t have boundaries?

  • It can be really difficult to be assertive for yourself and towards others
  • Feeling exhausted, stressed and/or anxious due to people pleasing
  • Possible guilt for not taking care of yourself and putting others first
  • May have low self-esteem and confidence
  • Feelings of not being understood or respected
  • Trouble stating your wants and needs
  • Struggle in friendships and relationships
  • Have trouble being an effective communicator
  • Lack satisfaction in your work life or school life balance

I used to have trouble being assertive too.

I would shy away from sharing my true thoughts, feelings, and opinions. People would say that I was so polite, well-mannered, obedient, among other similar words because I wouldn’t share how I felt about a certain situation. I would often feel frustrated and resentful because people couldn’t read my mind, when I hadn’t even spoken my mind.

It took time to become more assertive, and it’s something I still work on today. I now feel confident in saying no if something doesn’t work for me whether because I’m not interested or because it doesn’t work with my schedule.

Does this sound like you too?

What can you expect in sessions?

First, you will attend a 80 minute intake session where we’ll explore your background history and we’ll set some tentative goals. Then we’ll schedule out a few future 50 minute sessions to start working on your goals. 

Sessions occur online as we explore your concerns, possibly using books/workbooks or creative means, process life together, and at times have homework to make sure your new skills stick. 

Let’s work together to hit your goals and feel confident in your decisions to take better care of you.

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