Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Please read below for the most frequently asked questions for our therapists.

How do I make an appointment?

All new client appointments are scheduled in advance.

First, we’ll have a free 15 minute consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit.

Then, if we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your first session (an intake) with your therapist.

All paperwork will be completed online in the client portal along with adding a card on file to secure your appointment time. 

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Intake sessions will be up to 80 minutes.

What are your specialties? What kind of therapy do you offer?
  • Virtual sessions for individuals and those in relationships. Our specialties vary.
  • Check out our list here
How can I do online therapy if I don't have privacy in my home?

We’ve had sessions with people while they’re in their cars (parked), while they go for a walk, in their backyard, wherever they feel most comfortable and in a quiet space. Changing up your scenery can do wonders for your mental health too!

What is the investment/fee?
  • Session fees depend on length of session and therapist experience level. Each therapist offers a few sliding scale spots on their caseload. Please contact us to discuss fees and any financial concerns. 

  • Rachel Dorneanu: Eighty-minute sessions are $260. Fifty-minute sessions are $170. Half Day Intensive $500 (3 hours). Full Day Intensive (6 hours) $1,000.
    • Daniel M. Edwards: $140 for individuals. $160 for relationships. 


    • Jo DeVane: $150 for individuals, $175 for relationships, $195 for families.


    • When you enter into therapy with us, we commit to you. We ask you to be equally invested. We reserve your appointment time just for you. By carefully limiting the number of clients we choose to work with at any given time, it allows us to serve you best. We also invest our time outside of sessions by continually researching, reading, and learning new information to offer the best services we can. 
    • All fees are due on the date of service.  We operate a 24 hour advanced rescheduling and cancellation policy, which means that we will not charge any fee if you give notice of 24 hours or more to cancel. If you need to reschedule, we will try to offer a suitable time before the end of the same week, however if we are unable to, we ask for the full fee to be paid.  If advance notice is not received, you will be financially responsible for the full payment of the session you missed.
    • Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards that can be charged like a credit card.
    When are you available for therapy sessions?
    • Rachel Dorneanu: Tuesdays – Thursdays, 10am – 6:00pm, for online therapy sessions (last sessions start at 5:00pm). Mondays are my in-person park session days in Cumming, GA. These time slots are limited.
    • Daniel M. Edwards: Availability varies, please contact Daniel to discuss scheduling

    • Jo DeVane: Mondays 7am – 11am, Tuesdays – Thursdays 4pm – 8pm, Fridays 3pm – 6pm

    How do I know you’re right for me?
    • We think it’s important for clients to work with therapists who are truly specialists in what they need. We know that makes it hard for you, because you can’t be expected to remember what each therapist does.
    • Something that we offer is a free 15-minute consultation with ANYONE seeking therapy. We help them figure out what’s going on and what the right type of therapy and right kind of therapist will be. Then, we help them get connected to that person. Therapy is only as good as the relationship between the therapist and the client.
    What will my first session be like?
    • Please read this post about first session concerns 
    • You can also prepare for online sessions here
    • If you want a bit more information, go to this link or scroll down to find the download that best fits you “How to Prepare For Your…”
    • You can truly talk about anything that’s on your mind!
    How will I know I’ve completed therapy?
    • Each individual has a different background and presenting concerns. Some feel ready after 6 months, others take a bit longer. We will continue to check-in with each other to make sure we are working on your goals throughout the process. We’re very collaborative in our approaches. 
    Why do you not take insurance?


    • There are several reasons why we am not in network with any insurance plans.
      • Insurance companies require a mental health disorder diagnosis, which will stay with your permanent health record.
      • They also require information about your qualifying symptoms and specific work in counseling.
      • Not involving insurance companies is the only way to assure your utmost confidentiality.
      • We will have the ability to decide the type and time-frame of treatment that would be the most effective for you, rather than an employee at the insurance company limiting the number of sessions and the type of therapy you receive.
      • In addition to these important clinical reasons, not filing insurance allows us to keep our self-pay rates as affordable as possible.
    • If you currently have insurance and want to use it for therapy, you may be able to do so. You will need to call your insurance company and inquire about your out of network benefits. Some insurances allow you to see providers who are not paneled with them and the insurance company may reimburse you a percentage of the fee you paid your therapist. You will pay the practice the full fee and then we can provide you with a superbill, which is basically a receipt for sessions that you give to your insurance company for proof of services for reimbursement purposes.

    • When calling your insurance company, you may want to ask the following:
    • Do I have out of network mental health benefits? Including Teletherapy?
    • If so, what is my deductible? Has it been met?
    • What is my co-insurance?
    • If they ask for a CPT code: 90834 = Individual session 45 minutes, 90847 = Couple/Family Session 45 minutes, 90837 = Session over 55 minutes
    • How many sessions does my plan cover?
    • How much will you reimburse for an out-of-network provider? How do I submit for reimbursement?
    • How quickly will I receive my reimbursement checks? 
    • How long do I have to submit my superbill?


    • Please know that even if your insurance company offers out of network benefits, they may still deny your reimbursement and we are not liable for those charges that you have already incurred.
    I'm divorced, what will I need to bring with me to the intake session for my teen?
      • For minors who are children of divorced parents, we must have consent to treat in therapy from either: both parents or the parent who has the “final decision making” or “tie breaking” authority in your custody agreement. If both parents have not signed our Informed Consent, then we must have a copy of the Custody Agreement.
      What do all those credentials behind your name mean?
      • Master of Science is an academic degree usually awarded after completion of two or three years of graduate study. Many therapists hold a master’s degree.
      • Associate Professional Counselor (APC) has a graduate academic degree, is working toward their state’s clinical hours requirement, and has passed state-certified licensing exams. They have completed a two to three year graduate program with a practicum and internship/s. APCs are required to be in supervision during this training and in contact with their clinical director regarding their clinical work. It’s like having two therapists in one. 
      • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) has a graduate academic degree, clinical work experience, and has passed state-certified licensing exams. Along with a two- to three-year master’s program with a practicum and internship, LPCs are required to complete clinical training in individual therapy with options of couples or family therapy as well. Each state requires completion of hours of clinical experience, Georgia for example requires 3000 hours. LPCs are also attending Continuing Education seminars and trainings to improve sessions for you.
      We have a lot of questions about premarital counseling...
      • How many sessions would you recommend?
      • We would recommend aiming for at least 12 sessions to complete the entire assessment, workbook full of interactive exercises, and explore any other concerns that may come up in session. Some couples spend a few sessions more on topics like communication depending on their relationship. 
        How much does it cost?
      • Sessions are $260 for a 80-minute intensive intake session. Follow-up sessions are $170 for 50-minute sessions. There will be a $35 fee (per couple, not per person) to take the Prepare/Enrich or SYMBIS assessment.
        What is the structure?
      • We will have a 80-minute first session. You will take the online Prepare/Enrich or SYMBIS assessment online. Rachel will have a 50-minute individual session with each partner. Then we will go over results in a 50-minute feedback session and begin work through the interactive workbook. Rachel does give homework to help supplement the skills you learn in session. Each follow-up session will be 50 minutes unless discussed otherwise. 
        Will this apply for us to get a discount on our marriage license?
      • Yes! The state of Georgia counts Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS as a great way to have premarital counseling. The minimum for the state of Georgia is 6 hours of premarital counseling
        How do we check if we get a discount in our county?
      • Please visit this link to see more details and check for requirements for your county https://www.usmarriagelaws.com/marriage-license/georgia/probate-courts/county-clerks/office-requirements/  
      Can I follow you on social media?

      You can absolutely follow along on our business social media accounts!

      Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SageCounselingWellness 

      Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sage_counseling_wellness/ 

      Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/sagecounselingwellness 

      LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/sage-counseling-wellness 

      Please be aware that if you are a past or current client, we will not follow or friend you to honor ethical boundaries and privacy.

      If you choose to follow us as a client, you risk breaching confidentiality by engaging with the accounts.

      Communication via social media accounts does not establish any type of therapeutic client relationship.

      Information obtained by these accounts should not be considered a substitute for mental health and medical evaluation by a credentialed and licensed professional.

      Have more questions not located here in the FAQ? Contact us.

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