Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy in Alpharetta with Rachel Dorneanu Counseling

Looking for teen therapy in the Atlanta area?

We work with ages 14 and up.

Maybe your teen went from the happy go lucky kid you knew to an anxious and angsty teen so quickly, it made your head spin. 

Or maybe they’re feeling down on themselves or having trouble with self esteem and have refused to share anything with you that’s going on in their life.

They tell you they’re overwhelmed in trying to balance school, friends and other activities but don’t have a clue where to start.

Some teen clients of ours love using their creativity in therapy. We’ll act out conversations to feel more prepared, use workbooks to make sure their skills stick or even use music to let the song speak for them when they can’t find the words. 

Is your adolescent having trouble with:

  • Anxiety?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Self Esteem?
  • Friend Drama?
  • Communication with Family?
  • Questioning their Identity/Purpose?
  • Unsure of College and Their Potential Major?
  • Adulting?
  • Healthy Relationships?
  • Assertiveness?


Teen Therapy in Johns Creek with Rachel Dorneanu Counseling

Why Should My Teen Seek Therapy With You?

Some of our therapists are intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We’ll work on enjoying the present moment, handling stress, regulating emotions, and communicating effectively with others. Learn more about this approach here.

Using DBT along with other techniques that fit best with your teen and their needs, we’ll work collaboratively to help them feel prepared for the rest of high school and their future. 

What can I expect in sessions?

First, you and your teen will attend a 80 minute intake session where we’ll explore their background history and we’ll set some tentative goals. We’ll include parents for the first 15 minutes or so then spend the majority of the session with the teen. Then we’ll schedule out a few future 50 minute sessions to start working on their goals. 

Sessions occur online as we explore their concerns, possibly using books/workbooks or creative means, process life together, and at times have homework to make sure their new skills stick. 

It can be so helpful to have teens talk with an adult that isn’t family and understands what they are going through. Whether we help them look over a resume for their first job or process a tough chapter in their life, let’s help them together.

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