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Do you often ask yourself, “Am I a Perfectionist?”

Looking for a perfectionism therapist in Atlanta?

Feel pressure to keep up with The Jones’?

Have a need to people please?

What can it look like?

  • Idea of being perfect/without flaws
  • Impossibly high standards (for self and/or others). These standards are unrealistic and unattainable
  • Never being disagreeable
  • Proving ourselves over and over again
  • Being hard on ourselves
  • Burnout
  • Not asking for help
  • Fear and anxiety, maybe even imposter syndrome
  • No risk-taking

There are three types of perfectionists:  

  1. Self-oriented – high standards for self, driven, self-critical
  2. Other-oriented – high standards for others, criticize others, often disappointed they don’t live up to expectation
  3. Socially prescribed – others have high standards for you
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Do any of those ring a bell for you? I know I struggle with some of the above, I’m a recovering perfectionist. I tend to resonate more with having high standards and being hard on myself.

Did you know perfectionism can affect more than one part of your life? For me, it’s changed. First it was physical appearance. Then it was academics. And lately it has been professional success.

What can perfectionism affect?

  • Professional success
  • Parenting
  • Physical appearance
  • Academic success
  • Athletic ability/fitness goals
  • Physical environment
  • Lifestyle

What fears might you have?

  • Failure
  • Success
  • Rejection
  • Embarrassment
  • Not being liked
  • Being alone
  • Trying new things


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stressed girl- rachel dorneanu counseling

Are you also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

What change can look like:

  • being kinder to yourself
  • setting realistic expectations for yourself and others
  • less bullying in your head
  • changing your mindset to be more realistic with various life situations
  • asking for help before you drown in your workload
  • setting healthy boundaries for yourself and with others
  • less bottled up frustration

What can I expect in sessions?

First, you will attend a 80 minute intake session where we’ll explore your background history and we’ll set some tentative goals. Then we’ll schedule out a few future 50 minute sessions to start working on your goals. 

Sessions will occur online as we explore your concerns, possibly using books/workbooks or creative means, process life together, and at times have homework to make sure your new skills stick. 

It may take time, but the changes are worth it. It took years to set these expectations in place, let’s work to make sure your thoughts and actions feel more reasonable for you. We’ll overcome your perfectionism together.

Want a bit more info about perfectionism? Watch my video here! 

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