Adulting 101

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Per the dictionary, adulting is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

Do you have trouble with knowing where to start in running your own home?

Feel immense pressure to live up to your parents or society’s standards? Maybe some imposter syndrome?

Are you overwhelmed in finding a healthy lifestyle that fits your schedule and budget?

My clients that want to work on “Adulting” are typically highly motivated. They just need the tools and resources to make it all happen.

Think we could be a great fit?

Adulting. It’s something we all struggle with as we transition from teen to young adult in society.

Tasks like making new friends may be easy for some while others struggle.

Others may have a hard time figuring out finances while others excel.

We all have our strengths and areas of growth in this transition to adulthood.

As soon-to-be thriving adults, when working on Adulting we will cover:

  • Finances
    • (you knew this would be here!)
  • Self-care
    • (this is not just bubble baths and face masks)
  • Mental Health
    • (obviously this will be covered)
  • Wellness
    • (mhm, fitness and wellness are tied to mental health)
  • Time Management + Routines
    • (let’s make life easier!)
  • Housing + Caring for your home
    • (this ties in well with the routines piece)
  • Transportation + Safe Travels
    • (it can be intimidating if we don’t plan ahead)
  • Future Schooling + Education
    • (whether you plan to go to technical school or receive a PhD)
  • Career Goals
    • (with adult freedom comes responsibility)
  • Etiquette
    • (how you carry yourself when interacting with others and understanding society’s manner expectations)
  • Healthy Relationships + Communication
    • (this includes friendships, family, and significant others)
  • And so much more!
    • (did I miss something, tell me!)

How could you gain more independence in your life?

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