Jo DeVane SCW therapist

Hi, I’m Jo!  

I’m a therapist from Atlanta living in Savannah. I love helping individuals, couples, and families explore patterns and roadblocks in their lives that are keeping them stuck, and identify paths forward to greater peace within themselves, with their bodies, and within their relationships.

I see my clients as the experts on their lives — I am simply here to help illuminate patterns that can be difficult to see from the inside, hold space for pain, and share skills that have been deeply helpful and transformative in my own journey.  

Those who find me to be a good fit may be experiencing concerns such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Eating Disorders/Disordered eating
  • LGBTQ+
  • Relationships 
  • Substance Use

I am passionate about helping individuals heal their relationship with their body, especially when it feels like they have tried everything else. Many people have spent years of their lives trying new diets, new exercise plans, and new methods for self-love, only to come up empty, exhausted, and tying their self-worth to their body size.

I am a Health at Every Size (HAES) provider. This means I actively challenge weight-stigma and size-based discrimination in my practice, I honor the inherent diversity in bodies, I do not believe thinness equates to health, and I believe all people in all body shapes and sizes deserve access to health promoting behaviors and treatments.

Primary techniques we’ll use include:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • and Family Systems

This means we’ll explore the different parts of you that have strong feelings about your body, and hold space for and validate those feelings together. It also means we’ll work on specific skills that can help you navigate life effectively when body image distress is overwhelming. 

self love

I also provide individual and relationship counseling to people struggling with emotional dysregulation, or overwhelming feelings and big, painful, or impulsive reactions. Oftentimes, overwhelming emotions and impulsive reactions can lead to frequent, painful conflict with the people closest to us. I love to help individuals and relationships heal emotional pain and learn skills to increase effective communication and emotional regulation.

I use a blend of a few approaches in my work with individuals and couples: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and reflective listening. This means you will learn skills, practice them during the week between sessions, and also spend time learning to listen to truly understand and validate how you and your partner are feeling.

Clients tend to appreciate my calm demeanor, willingness to be direct, and incorporation of humor into the session when appropriate. 
When I am not practicing therapy, I love practicing yoga and meditation, singing and dancing around the house with my kids, reading autobiographies or fiction novels about ghosts, and spending time in nature. You can almost always find me wearing fuzzy socks with an extra-large cup of hot tea in hand. 
If you see yourself or your relationship in any of these words, I would love to partner with you in your journey toward peace.


Supervised by Shannon Mathis LCSW, CACII and Directed by Rachel Dorneanu LPC NCC.

Contact Jo:

678 – 210 – 7787



Online Sessions

Mondays 7am – 11am

Tuesdays – Thursdays 4pm – 8pm

Fridays 3pm – 6pm



678 – 210 – 7787


$150 for individual sessions

$175 for relationship sessions

$195 for family sessions

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