Book Recommendation: Emotional Intelligence

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Book Recommendation: Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not only a great type of intelligence to work on, it’s also a helpful book to better understand yourself and others.

The authors, Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, detail that emotional intelligence is comprised of:

  • flexibility
  • accountability
  • customer service
  • social skills
  • communication
  • change tolerance
  • assertiveness
  • decision-making
  • time management
  • empathy
  • stress tolerance
  • anger management
  • presentation skills
  • and trust

In this book, you’ll learn about 4 main skills that make up emotional intelligence:

1) Self-Awareness
2) Self-Management
3) Social Awareness
4) Relationship Management

Depending on the version you purchase, you also gain access to the assessment to gauge your current emotional intelligence.

I recommend this book to clients looking to better understand all of their relationships: platonic, romantic, familial, and professional. So many of us struggle knowing when to speak and when to truly listen in a conversation.

This is also great for therapists looking for ways to explain different aspects of EQ in a visual way.

One of my favorite parts of the book provides ways to improve your self-management. The list details a few strategies I use myself, like taking control of my self-talk and putting a mental recharge into my schedule.

How could you work on turning your negative self talk to thoughts that are a bit more positive? What are you willing to do to have a chance to breathe and reset for the week?

Take a moment and review the skills that make up EQ. Which are your strengths? In what areas could you grow? Everyone can improve their emotional intelligence skills in some way, prioritize yourself!

To discuss how therapy or improving your EQ could help you during this season of your life, please contact me or schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

You have already taken the first step in seeking help and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!

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