How to Use Prepare Enrich for Premarital Counseling to Your Advantage

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How to Use Prepare Enrich for Premarital Counseling to Your Advantage

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Prepare Enrich is a fantastic tool that I use with my premarital couples and you should consider using it to your advantage. It includes an intake session and then an extensive assessment on the website www.prepare-enrich.com

Then, the therapist will go over the results of your assessment and determine your relationship strengths and areas of growth together. From there, you and your partner will attend sessions either in-person or online as you all explore your relationship and use an interactive workbook to improve your areas of growth. 

With Prepare/Enrich, you’ll explore the following aspects of your relationship:

  • Communication (Are you able to ask for what you want and need effectively? Hoping for your partner to say “Are you feeling supported lately? If not, what can I do differently?”)
  • Conflict resolution (Do you get stuck in the same fights? Need help in fighting fair?)
  • Partner style & habits (Are you able to accept your partner as they are?)
  • Financial management (Do you understand your plans for joint or separate accounts and budgeting?)
  • Leisure activities (Are you able to confidently spend time together and apart?)
  • Sexual expectations (Do you both know your likes, dislikes, and favorite displays of affection?)
  • Family & friends (Are there healthy relationships with loved ones? How do you set boundaries with difficult family members?)
  • Relationship roles (Do you both agree on household and career tasks?)
  • Spiritual beliefs (Do you both understand and accept each other’s spiritual journey, religious or not?)
  • Stress management (How do you handle your stress around your partner? How do you handle when your partner is stressed?)

With your facilitator, you can have sessions anywhere from a few sessions to 12 or more. I personally prefer 12 or more so that you can take your time with the material and have deeper conversations. 

Here’s how you can take advantage of the material you’re learning:

  1. Actually use the materials and exercises provided to you. Whether it’s the 10 Steps to Resolving Conflict or Making a Wish List, please utilize them. They’re research-proven to help couples improve their relationships. 
  2. Schedule follow-up sessions with your facilitator to run through the exercises if you feel stuck on a certain topic. No one will get every exercise the first time. I’ve had couples that will schedule sessions quarterly for relationship checkups. 
  3. Have weekly relationship check-ins with your partner. Discuss the highs and lows and what would be helpful to work on over time. Make time so that you both feel heard. 
  4. Find time for date nights. These can happen on any budget. I’ve had couples that will do a scavenger hunt in Target or have a staycation in their town. 
  5. Keep reminders of love languages, helpful statements to use during arguments, and other handy reminders close by. I’ve had some people put reminders on their fridge or nightstand depending on where they have arguments. 

Below are some of my favorite resources for couples to supplement Prepare Enrich premarital counseling sessions. 

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Workbook


Gary Chapman – 5 Love Languages Set – The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts


Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married


Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find- and Keep- Love



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