Journal Prompts and Advice for Your Pregnancy Journey

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Journal Prompts and Advice for Your Pregnancy Journey 

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To say that pregnancy is a busy time is an understatement. Mothers around the world can all attest to the fact that the time they spend at doctor’s appointments, researching pregnancy questions, shopping for maternity clothing, and preparing for the baby takes up almost all their free time. All of this preparation, plus your normal day-to-day responsibilities and career, make it highly unlikely you’d think about fitting journaling into your routine. However, you may be surprised about all the benefits of journaling about your pregnancy journey. 


Why is journaling important?

Pregnancy is not only a busy time but also a stressful season of life. During your pregnancy, you may often feel overwhelmed by thoughts, worries, and pressures swirling around your mind many times per day. After all, you’re going to be having a baby. It’s a big deal and comes with massive responsibilities.

This is where journaling comes in handy. Just as talking about our fears and concerns with someone helps manage them, journaling about our emotions helps sort them out. Things can feel quite scary when they are all in your head–getting those thoughts down on paper can be therapeutic and a great way of coping. 

Not to mention, journaling throughout your pregnancy journey means you get to look back at these entries down the line and remember your pregnancy journey forever. Although you may think you’ll always remember how you felt during this time, the only way to guarantee it is to have a physical artifact and representation of you at this age and part of your pregnancy. Journaling doesn’t have to feel like work—it can be fun and relaxing, as well! 


Tips for Journaling: 

There are no rules for journaling. One person’s journal can be full of neat, thought-out entries, while someone else’s can be full of lists, random blurbs, and even drawings. It’s all up to you and what most allows your mind to work through emotions while also having fun. There are a few general tips to keep in mind when it comes to journaling, though: 

  • Get comfortable. Some people feel best when they sit down at a desk to journal. Others like journaling in a comfier setting, like on the couch. It all depends on what makes you feel best. Also, don’t feel constricted to journaling in a physical notebook. If you prefer, you can type your journal entries on your laptop, or even on your phone! 
  • Attempt to stay consistent. You don’t need to journal every day if you don’t feel like it or if your schedule doesn’t permit it, but try to set some sort of time frame. Once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes works for most people!
  • Don’t hold back. Remember, unless you choose to share your journal entries with someone else, no one will be reading what you write. Don’t be afraid to get real about your fears, feelings, and concerns during this time. It’s normal to have them, and good to work through them! 

    Journal Prompts for Trimester One: 

    • Write about how you found out you were pregnant. 
    • What are you the most excited about with this pregnancy? What are you the most nervous about?
    • What do you think the gender of the baby will be? Do you have a preference, and why? Do you want to find out, or let it be a surprise?
    • What was it like to see your baby’s sonogram and hear their heartbeat for the first time? 
    • How are your pregnancy symptoms making you feel?


    Journal Prompts for Trimester Two: 

    • What was your favorite and least favorite part of your first trimester?
    • Do you think your baby will be born on time, early, or late? How do you feel when you think about this?
    • Do you think the baby will be more like you or your partner?
    • Describe the first time you felt your baby move. 
    • What were your loved one’s reactions to feeling your baby move/seeing the sonogram? What was your favorite reaction from others?
    • Are you having more or less energy than in the first trimester? How does that affect your mind and body?

    Journal Prompts for Trimester Three: 

    • What was your favorite and least favorite part of your second trimester? 
    • What do you think your baby will look like?
    • What are your hopes for your baby’s future?
    • Discuss your parenting values and share them with your partner. 
    • What did you appreciate about the way your parents raised you, and what did you not appreciate? What will you model for your child, and what will you change?
    • What are you most excited to do with your baby?
    • How are you feeling about delivery and your birth plan?


    Journal Prompts for Postpartum: 

    • Write about your baby’s birth story. 
    • How did you feel when you first saw/held your baby? 
    • Are you experiencing any feelings of postpartum depression or anxiety? What about your partner and their experience?
    • Describe how your body feels at this time. 
    • How are you adjusting to life as a new parent? What’s going well, and what can you delegate? 
    • What are you looking forward to most regarding raising your child? 

    If you are newly pregnant, congratulations, and hopefully you feel inspired to start journaling about your pregnancy journey after reading this blog post. If you are looking for journals with even more pregnancy prompts included, try this mindfulness journal or this workbook. If you’re more inclined to journal freely or use the prompts listed above in a blank notebook, try this plain journal option. Happy writing!

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