7 Reasons Why Online Sessions Are Worth it

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7 Reasons Why Online Sessions Are Worth It

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Online Sessions. It’s the new trend in the therapy world. Is it as good as in-person therapy?

Below, we’ll explore 7 reasons why online sessions are worth it.

1) You can use your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device to have your session. We all carry one of these devices on us, why not use it to talk to your therapist.

2) You can have your session at home, at the office, in your car (while not driving of course!), or anywhere you feel most comfortable. The possibilities are endless.

3) Speaking of cars, you don’t have to sit in traffic to drive to your therapist’s office, have your session, then sit in traffic to get home. You’ll already be at home and had a chance to unwind from your day.

4) Likely, your therapist will have more availability in their schedule to work with you. A little behind the scenes in therapy world, some therapists only have the office for certain days/times of the week.

If you need a different day or time that doesn’t work with their in-person schedule, they could meet with you via online sessions.

5) If you live in a rural area with a lack of mental health resources, you can still meet with a great therapist in your state! All you need to do is verify that they have online session capability.

6) If you’re having a rough day and don’t feel like getting out of bed, you can still make it to your online session. You’ll have the support and care you need without having to make that drive and look presentable

7) Let’s say you’re about to move and you’re worried about losing contact with your therapist. Ask them if they offer online sessions and you don’t have to lose that great therapeutic relationship.

Bonus: If you’re having an online session, make sure you have somewhere cozy to sit, a warm drink in your hand, and some great lighting with this handy tool

Did I miss any other reasons why online sessions are worth it? Let me know!

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