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Hi there!

I want to share that this will not be a regular therapist blog full of research, quotes, and boring information that you don’t want to read.

Posts will be quick and easy reads. They’ll be relatable to you, your friends, and loved ones. They will be posts you won’t mind sharing on social media.

Aren’t we trying to decrease mental health stigma anyway?

If you have any ideas on posts you would like me to write about, books to recommend, or just have comments or concerns to share, please contact me.

I’d love to hear from you. We can all benefit from the knowledge of others and their experiences. If you’re a brand reading the blog and loving what I have to say, read this page here.

Also, for the most up-to-date tips for your life, follow my Instagram.

Can’t wait to see what you learn here!

Rachel Dorneanu

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