Top 10 Adulting Resources You Need In Your Life

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Top 10 Adulting Resources You Need In Your Life

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If you haven’t figured it out already, let me be the first to break it to you: Adulting can be really hard. Anyone who has reached their early 20s knows that becoming an adult sneaks up on you out of nowhere, and can leave you feeling completely lost and incompetent—ironically, like a little kid.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of resources out there that can help emerging adults ease into this change without too much unnecessary stress. Soon, you’ll be an expert at adulting. Until then, hopefully these 10 adulting products/resources will help!

1. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown

This book should be your holy grail guide to just about everything in the adulting world. From what to check when renting a new apartment and saving money to making friends and dating, this book will provide you with the answers to all your growing-up questions. And, it will probably answer some questions you didn’t even know you had.

2. “She’s Birdie”: Safety Alarm for Women

With adulting comes more responsibility and outings, which most likely means more walking outside alone coming home from errands or events. Even if you live in a safe area or you’re out in broad daylight, it is always better to be safe than sorry. “She’s Birdie” safety alarms are designed to do just that: keep you safe in potentially dangerous situations. They are super convenient and safe to use. It is arguably safer than pepper spray, which may impair you along with the dangerous person you are spraying. It looks just like part of your keychain and simply sets off a loud alarm and flashing light when pulled apart. You can hold this in your hand along with your keys if you ever feel like you may potentially be in danger, scare the dangerous person away when it is pulled, and alert other people to come to help you.

3. Adjustable Laptop Stand

With the increase of working from home, it is very easy to fall into the bad habit of completing work tasks and zoom calls from your bed or couch. However, this not only results in a poor work ethic, but neck and back pains that may lead you straight from your bed to the chiropractor. With an adjustable laptop stand, you can sit comfortably at your desk without slouching and straining your neck even more. This stand makes it easy to sit and type, as well as declutter your desk surface. It also has a very modern aesthetic, which will make your workspace look even more sleek—a win-win!

4. Complete Guide To Money by Dave Ramsey

When it comes to becoming an adult, smart spending and saving habits are absolutely essential. Paying your own bills and taxes can become expensive and confusing. Thankfully, Dave Ramsey’s book on dealing with finances is here to clear up any questions you may have.  Some of my favorite chapters include useful information about: housing, investments, getting out of debt, living on a budget, and more!

5. Daily Planner

If you don’t already use an agenda to plan your daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities, now is the time! It’s amazing how much of a difference an agenda can make—simply organizing your tasks by day will make your life seem so much less overwhelming and cluttered. Cell phone reminders can be great, but there are proven connections between physically writing tasks down and actually completing them. You can even use the agenda to schedule time for fun things and/or self-care!

6. Cube Kitchen Timer

As a new adult, I bet you’ve been realizing how expensive eating out is. It’s so much smarter to buy groceries and make food at home, and can even be fun to try new recipes. An essential for this, though, is a cube timer, so you can make sure you are not over/undercooking anything. Because your hands often get messy when cooking, which makes it unsanitary to constantly be touching your phone to set a timer, this cube timer is the perfect solution. This timer can be used for much more than cooking, too. Setting a timer to complete tasks, like cleaning or answering emails, can help motivate you to avoid procrastination. Also, with the rising popularity of the “Pomodoro Method” of task completion, having this timer in handy will be very useful if you plan on trying this method out!

7. Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

Life as a working adult can get pretty overwhelming. With work tasks, personal tasks, and the overall stress of life itself, it is not at all abnormal for you to feel burned out from time to time. However, if you feel as though your experiences with burnout is persistent and invasive, this read might be beneficial for you. Emily and Amelia Nagoski will teach you how to create a scientifically-supported plan to reduce stress, manage emotions, and live a more enjoyable life.

8. 128-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

Believe it or not, middle-aged fathers aren’t the only people who own toolkits. Every early adult should have a toolkit handy wherever they reside, simply because you never know when it will come in handy. Hanging picture frames, assembling furniture, and/or repairing a leaky sink can be quickly accomplished with a toolkit, and it will help you save money on a contractor.

9. Car Safety Hammer with Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, and Escape Hammer

Similar to the Birdie Alarm, this car hammer, seatbelt cutter, and window breaker 3-in-1 is a great product to carry in your glove compartment, just in case! It’s always better to be safe, in a sticky situation, than sorry.

10. Wall Mounted Organizer

If you find yourself forgetting items when you’re running out of your house for appointments, or you notice that your living space is becoming cluttered, this organizer is perfect for you. You can simply mount the organizer near your front door so it acts as a reminder on your way out to grab your keys, purse, wallet, etc., and a reminder on your way in to hang up your belongings so you know exactly where they are for next use. 

I hope this list has helped ease some of your worries about adulthood. Remember, everyone struggles with new responsibilities—take your time, utilize available resources, and seek assistance if needed! 

Looking for more advice when it comes to adulting? Check out my Adulting 101 Page, where I can help guide you through your adulting journey. 

Do you have an adulting resource in mind that we may have missed? Comment below or contact me—I am always open to new resources! Check out our Amazon Storefront for more helpful resources and products! 


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