12 Tips for a Great Online Session

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Counseling, Online Therapy, Teen therapy

12 Tips for a Great Online Session

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With the world turned upside down right now, many therapists I know, including myself, have switched to online sessions for therapy

Read on for 12 Tips for a Great Online Session

1) Make sure you have a reliable internet connection on your device whether it is a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with an attached camera. Also, be sure your device is fully charged.

2) Have good lighting in the room you are in. Ideally, don’t have a window behind you. Aim to have good lighting in front of your face, maybe a lamp or a ring light that attaches to your computer if you have one. I like this one.

3) Set up a therapeutic space in your home or office that is free from distractions and others know not to disturb you.

4) Have a nice cup of tea, coffee, or your preferred non-alcoholic beverage near you to not have to get up during a session. Use a candle or essential oil diffuser to set a calming atmosphere.

5) If available, have something comforting near you like a blanket or a comfy sweater. We all tend to be more open when we feel secure.

6) Turn your phone and other devices to silent and turn off notifications on your smart watch. You can handle 50 minutes without a distraction, this time is for you.

7) If you need the calming affect of a sound machine, you can use a free app on your phone called White Noise or choose another calming sound.

8) Have a pen and paper nearby to take notes if this is your style. You’ll likely have a lot of information to take down.

9) If needed, use headphones for a clearer sound. You don’t want to miss a thing in session.

10) Make sure you and your therapist have a backup plan if one video service seems to be a bit slow. Sometimes technology happens.

11) Have your email pulled up in case your therapist wants to share a link to a worksheet or article to look at together.

12) Find a way to do self-care after hanging up from a session. If this is a walk, stretching, or deep breathing, do whatever makes you feel refreshed. Make it a priority to reset, especially after heavy topics.

Consider these tips for your next online session with your therapist. If you’re looking for a therapist and are a resident of the state of Georgia, I can work with you!

To discuss how therapy could help you during this season of your life, please contact me or schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

You have already taken the first step in seeking help and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!

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