Navigating Adulthood: Top Media Resources That Can Ease the Journey

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Navigating Adulthood: Top Media Resources That Can Ease the Journey

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Adulthood: a realm of independence, new beginnings, and endless possibilities. But for many, the transition from carefree childhood to responsible adulthood creates many challenges and uncertainties that can bring about a great deal of stress and anxiety. “Adulting” is a term that encapsulates the struggles of learning and mastering life’s skills, from budgeting to cooking to career. These responsibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming—you may feel too young and inexperienced to be a master at some of these skills, despite being in your early 20s. However, there is a wealth of media tailored directly to early adults that empathize with these struggles and offer valuable advice that may help smoothen the journey. 

The reality of adult responsibilities can hit hard for many individuals. Suddenly, managing finances becomes a risky game, and the world of healthcare, insurance, and taxes suddenly comes into play. The thrill of independence can be exciting, but terrifying. Not to mention, there is constant pressure from comparison to friends and family members to fit into the majority of adults who are maintaining a household, thriving in a career, and maintaining meaningful relationships. It can all just seem like a lot, and that is completely normal. 

Living in the digital age comes with a plethora of benefits, one being that media is undeniably accessible to most individuals. Many of us can access the world of social media, film/television, books, and podcasts at our fingertips with just a quick search on our cell phone. So, why not take advantage of this privilege and gain valuable insight into adulting? There is a growing genre of podcasts, blogs, and social media accounts dedicated to teaching early adults about adulting. From personal finance experts to chefs to relationship coaches, there are endless resources out there to help you on this journey. These resources will likely help you feel less isolated in the process of adulting. This blog post will outline some of the best adulting resources out there. 


  • Teach Me How To Adult” by Gillian Berner and Cailyn Michaan: With most episodes of this podcast being under a half hour, this is the perfect way to learn some adulting skills in a rush or on the go. The podcast includes episodes on how to do well in a job interview, master your communication skills, decorate a home on a budget, and more!
  • Adulting With Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos”: With hilarious and insightful commentary from celebrities and experts in adulting, this podcast provides valuable lessons in adulthood, answering questions like “How can I make money without working a 9-5?” and “How should I treat my one-night-stand?” 
  • How to Adult Podcast”: This podcast teaches informative lessons on all the basics, including how to deal with death, taxes, dating, insurance, inward healing, and more!

Youtube Videos: 


  • Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle” by Emily Nagoski, PhD: This book offers essential insights and practical strategies for navigating the challenges of adulting while managing stress and avoiding burnout. It uses psychological research and real-life anecdotes to help you understand stress cycles and empowers you to identify and break free from the patterns that lead to burnout, which is an extremely common habit to carry into adulthood. 
  • The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss: This guide for adults who want to avoid the traditional 9-to-5 grind teaches you how to create a fulfilling life without having to work a typical career. It includes tips and inspiring anecdotes that introduce readers to the concept of lifestyle design. 
  • Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps” by Kelly Williams Brown: This book is a lifesaver because it breaks down all those confusing adult tasks into simple, doable steps. Plus, it’s got a funny and relatable style that makes adulting less intimidating and way more fun!

TikTok Accounts: 

  • Shadé Zahrai on TikTok (@shadezahrai): Shadé Zahrai is a career coach who aims to help people—women in particular— feel more comfortable in asserting themselves in the workplace. Her TikTok videos teach a variety of skills, such as how to deal with someone interrupting you at work, be more productive in the office, avoid giving unsolicited advice, and more. 
  • Boris K on TikTok (@careerwithboris): Boris K provides helpful advice on mastering the art of resume building and interviews—a tool endlessly important to those just starting with their job search. 
  • Organizingspacesbykim on TikTok: If you are looking for inspiration on how to organize your space—your kitchen space, in particular—this account is for you. 
  • Cleanwithnessa on TikTok: For those looking for calming ASMR videos with helpful cleaning tips. 
  • Arrezoazim on TikTok: This TikTok is run by a relationship coach who offers advice on all things relationships, including attachment style, self-sabotaging, how to know when to end a relationship, and more. 


  • “GenTwenty”: This blog has motivating posts on all things adulting-related, such as trusting your intuition when you feel doubtful, improving your career, and the best products for adults. 
  • Real Simple”: The purpose of this blog is to simplify the process of adulting and teach you how to make it as seamless and easy as possible.
  • The Confused Millenial”: This blog is geared more towards millennials rather than Gen-Z, who may be struggling with parenting or feeling unmotivated in their careers.

In a world that demands constant juggling of responsibilities and decisions, it’s no surprise that many find the journey of adulting overwhelming. The challenges of setting boundaries, managing stress, and making tough choices can leave us feeling drained and uncertain. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey, and with the support of media resources, you can gain the tools and confidence needed to embrace adulting’s complexities!

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