Therapist Coworking Sessions

therapy coworking with rachel dorneanu

Let’s work together!

Common Struggles of Therapists in Private Practice:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities 
  • A sense of being alone without anyone to bounce ideas off of
  • Imposter syndrome when looking at others’ marketing strategies
  • Lacking motivation to complete documentation, much less marketing to new clients

We can work together to work smarter and not harder with therapist coworking sessions!

I’m here to help keep you on track and reach your goals!

Therapist Coworking Sessions can help:

  • Hold you accountable for progress in your work
  • Set aside time to work on your schedule, notes, marketing, website, social media, blog posts, podcast pitches, and more
  • Increase motivation to complete all those other little tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to
  • Feel less alone in the private practice world, especially for you solo practitioners out there
Therapist accountability group online
Therapist coworking sessions and online accountability sessions for therapists
As I work to cultivate a community of like-minded helping professionals, I’m testing out coworking sessions and how our field works best whether it’s through complete silence, listening to music, breakout rooms for chatting, etc. 
In exchange for attending a coworking session and leaving a review with honest feedback, you’ll attend the sessions for free. Beta testing at its finest! 

Have questions about how this works? Contact me.

How a therapist coworking session works:

1) Sign up for a FREE 60 minute therapist coworking session with a time that works for you! Our sessions can be 1:1 or up to 5 people to keep it more intimate. Yep, that commitment is already working.

2) Figure out what you’d like to prioritize during our time together. 

3) Decide how to work. Do you like work sprints using the Pomodoro Method? Need an accountability check-in? Prefer to dabble in a bit of everything?

4) Hop on the Google Meet call, we’ll each state our goal for the session, silence any notifications and we’ll work together virtually. Mhm, social pressure is where it’s at! 



“Co-working with Rachel was super helpful in keeping me accountable and motivated to complete small goals that I had been putting off for a while. I really appreciated the support and her calm energy.”

Theresa Schaffer, LCSW

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